Welcome to theĀ Retardified VIP Store!

At Retardified, we offer 30-Day and Lifetime packages with one-time purchases and no recurring payments. Your VIP package will be applied within 2 minutes automatically, with no need to disconnect.

No Discord Required

If you don't have a Discord account or prefer not to link it, you do NOT need to link your Discord.

How to Purchase as a Gift

Want to buy a friend a package? You'll need their SteamID64. Have them log into this site and provide you with their SteamID64 (e.g., 765611....). Enter this number in the gift box when purchasing your package.


Payments are processed through PayPal and Tebex. We only accept PayPal. If you encounter any issues, please create a ticket in our Discord.

Everyone knows skins make you better, so get yourself some today!